Saturday, May 10, 2008

Talk About Dra-ma!

Well, not really. It just makes me mad that I'm in the cold library AGAIN, when I could be in my nice warm house using the internet. & The fact that our furniture isn't here doesn't make it any better. I'm stuck with sleeping on a hard, twin-sized, loaner-furniture bed for who knows how long. & On top of that, there is no water pressure upstairs, so I'm pretty much showering under a trickle of water. HAHA that made me laugh. Ohh well, at least I have a pretty view to look at everyday! & I know my furniture will get here one of these days. ANNND, I did get the rest of my clothes, & shoes...& purses. I just realized how many clothes...& shoes...& purses I have. My shoes ALONE came in their own box, & not one of those small boxes, one of the big ones. & My purses had their own box, & my clothes had their own I didn't realize how much I had until I was moved to Germany where there are wardrobes instead of closets. & I thought I was cramming for space then. That's why I plan ahead :] Of course I chose the downstairs room, which happens to be the only room with a walk in closet. HAHA! But seriously people, be thankful for your closets, even if they do seem small. Or maybe, like me, you just have too much stuff. I guess I always thought, going to the Rock Church especially, that I always had to have a different outfit for everyday of the month! But now I know, it's OKAY to wear the same skirt in the same week, or the same outfit to church next month...well idk about that last one, but you get what I'm saying ;)