Sunday, July 27, 2008

My friend, my friend.

Hey everyone! I finally have time to do a real post. Well, I went to Czech & Prague this weekend. The bus left at 1am on Saturday & got to Czech around 9am. We shopped for a little bit & I bought soo many purses (brand name too!). I got some good deals because it was all bargain shopping. Everytime you would walk by a shop, the people would call out "Hello my friend, come, come!" Then you would look around & they would secretly tell you that they had Dolce & Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, & all these other name brands. If you wanted it, they would take you around back to this supply closet where they had the stash. It was pretty funny. This one guy was carrying around a bag full of name brand watches & sunglasses & I got a niiice pair. Well after that, we got back on the bus & left for Prague at 130pm. We got there at 430, & walked around until 9. We got back to the base at 5am on Sunday. I slept for a couple hours then got up & went to church. I am soo tired! But I had a lot of fun. Anyways, here are the pics from Prague.

I love pics in sepia :)
My camera has cool effects lol.
This made me think of my Joey Fanoey :(
Some random couple that just got married.

My mom.
Me. I look tore up. That's what 49384 hours on a bus does to you!

Yes, the golden arches exsist in Prague too!

Some homeless guy.

That got caught by a cop.

He saw me take this! I feel like a stalker.

That's sad.
Getting ready to cross the street. You have to be quick.

TRC should plan a trip ;)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miss Me Yet?

I hope so! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. Our internet is down, & I've been so busy with work. I will come up with something later. But for now why don't you just let me know how much you miss me ;)