Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Updates...

-Last Saturday I went downtown & went shopping.
-Got cornered by this weird guy with pink hair asking for change in German.
-Almost walked into a strip club instead of the Vans store :(
-Memorial Day I went on a boat ride down the Rhine river then hiked up & toured a castle.
-Still no internet or phone at my house :(
-Got all of our furniture!
-Found Dusty :)
-Start my job on Monday Wednesday.
-Had to get 2 shots :(
-Does anyone want to adopt my poor cat? (Read below blog)
-Been missing California a lot since listening to Choir Clinic CD pretty much EVERYDAY!
-So now I have the song that Ben V wrote stuck in my head (but I don't mind).

That's all for now until I have something interesting to blog about.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sonny For Rent :(

This is my cat Sonny. We left him with the Richardsons. I miss him soo much! I was never much of a cat person, but I liked him. He was part Siamese so he was pretty snobby. I don't know what his other half was, but it made him fat haha. I remember how he would always come to the door when we got home from church, & then roll over when we walked in. I also remember how he would wait for me to sit or lay down on this one couch we had, & then he would jump on me & sometimes we would fall asleep.
As you all may know, the Richardsons have MOVED. & I heard that they aren't allowed to have pets in their house. I do not want them to have to get rid of Sonny, because they were only keeping him until we got back, but I don't want them to get in trouble. So if anyone likes cats, then please take him! It won't be forever, just until we move back. Another important thing, he is FIXED & DECLAWED! Also literbox trained. So you don't have to worry about him scratching up your furniture, or going on the rug. But that does mean he is an inside cat, so don't let him out. Other then that, all he needs is food & water. He doesn't really play with toys. But he likes those little balls with bells in them, hair ties, & ice. & To call him for food, you just start "moww moww", or "mom", but that's only for wet food. & He sleeps wherever, so no need to get him a bed. He likes to be the center of attention, & he doesn't like it when you hurts his ears. But if you need him to come, then you can do it, but not all the time.
If anyone's interested, then just tell Sis. Leigh I guess... & Remember, you would only have to keep him until we come back. Please consider adopting him & we will love you forever!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Job Update...

So, I got the job! Just filling out the necessary paperwork before I can get started. My mom applied for the same job too & got it, so double YAY!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Job Interview!

I had a job interview at the CDC (Child Development Center) today! I think it went pretty well. Now I just have to wait for a call for a second interview. So just pray! Maybe even add 10 extra minutes to your daily prayer for me haha.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Talk About Dra-ma!

Well, not really. It just makes me mad that I'm in the cold library AGAIN, when I could be in my nice warm house using the internet. & The fact that our furniture isn't here doesn't make it any better. I'm stuck with sleeping on a hard, twin-sized, loaner-furniture bed for who knows how long. & On top of that, there is no water pressure upstairs, so I'm pretty much showering under a trickle of water. HAHA that made me laugh. Ohh well, at least I have a pretty view to look at everyday! & I know my furniture will get here one of these days. ANNND, I did get the rest of my clothes, & shoes...& purses. I just realized how many clothes...& shoes...& purses I have. My shoes ALONE came in their own box, & not one of those small boxes, one of the big ones. & My purses had their own box, & my clothes had their own I didn't realize how much I had until I was moved to Germany where there are wardrobes instead of closets. & I thought I was cramming for space then. That's why I plan ahead :] Of course I chose the downstairs room, which happens to be the only room with a walk in closet. HAHA! But seriously people, be thankful for your closets, even if they do seem small. Or maybe, like me, you just have too much stuff. I guess I always thought, going to the Rock Church especially, that I always had to have a different outfit for everyday of the month! But now I know, it's OKAY to wear the same skirt in the same week, or the same outfit to church next month...well idk about that last one, but you get what I'm saying ;)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hey everyone! I'm at the library right now. We just moved into our house yesterday & we don't get internet until Friday. So I guess my new hangout for the week is here lol. But that also gives me an opportunity to get those books :] Anyways, just thought I'd post since I haven't in a while. Miss & love you all!


Thursday, May 1, 2008


I just remembered... Who is caught up on their bible reading? I AM! I'm still faithfully using the chart from TRC, & I am proud to say that I am starting II Coronicles. I think I may even be ahead by a week or two, which is even better! Reading the Bible is so much fun. But I have a confession to make... I'm reading the Message...only because I've never actually gotten through the whole Bible, so instead of trying to figure my way through the 'thous' & 'arts', I just read the Message version. This is only for THIS YEAR. Then next year when I read the KJV, I'll understand it better. & I know that the Message probably isn't dead-on track in some places, but other then that, it helps a lot. I'm excited that I am finally making the committment to READ MY BIBLE this year. I know it probably should have been done years ago, but hey, it's never too late to start :]


Oh, & don't forget about my blog below ;]


I love a good book! Lately I've been pretty bored in the hotel. So the other day I bought a book. "While My Pretty One Sleeps" by Mary Higgins Clark. I've never read anything by her, & I heard she had some good books, so I bought it.. (& Not because of her last name, I just noticed that lol). I just started it, & I'm in the second chapter, but I read really fast when I have nothing to do, so it might only take a day or two before I'm bored again. I don't have a specific author that I like to read, so I would like your opinions. I read mostly fiction, like mystery, not too scary though! Just leave some titles for me in the comments :]


Ps. Thank you Anna for inspiring me to make this blog. I usually can't think up good books on my own, so why not ask everyone else ;]