Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where Will You Turn?

You make one wrong decision that may change your life.

It's not the about decisions you've made, but what you do AFTER, & what you turn to. Are you going to turn to things of this world for a season of comfort, or are you going to get on your knees & turn to God?

It's funny how the devil can take something so small & put a microscope on it. It looks like the biggest log, when in reality, it's the smallest splinter. This week has been tough, & I was pretty discouraged. Then Bro. Wilkins preached last night & his message title was "Where Will You Turn?". David ordered that Joab be killed, & Joab ran for his life. He went into the house of God & grabbed the horns of the altar. I know that no matter what I do, I would rather die at the altar, than in the world.

Just an afterthought-
Don't you just love when something happens during the week that can get your spirit down, but when you go to church, the message is exactly what you need? I notice that whenever I miss church, something great happens. So next time you feel like missing church because you're tired after work, or don't "feel well", just know that you could be missing the very answer to your prayers. Church is 2 times a week, & for a couple hours at the most. How hard is it to just GO? Most of you already know this, but for me, it has been a learning experience.