Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here are the pics!

Hey everyone! Here are some pics from Memorial Day. Super late, I know...but here they are :)
The castle that we went to.
Me & Courtney with a knight. There's no one in there btw...
Waiting for everyone. I wasn't even posing for this!
Stopped for a drink halfway up ;) It's empty people!! mom.
Bekah & my mom.
Me in a cave in the castle.
Courtney & her sword haha.
Me & Bekah fighting.
Haha we were cracking up!

This weird snake we saw in one of the caves. It looked like a big earthworm. Gross.
I almost fell down these...

Us & some friends from church.
Me & Courtney eating GELATO. MMM!
Me eating Gelato :)
Um Robert...I can explain!
Well I hoped you enjoyed those.