Monday, April 28, 2008

My little Joey Fanoey!

I know most of you might have heard about my little "bundle of joy", but now you get to see her! This is my little Joey Fanoey! Okay, I know what most of you are thinking (all you GIRLS, anyways) - ew. But she is the cutest little rat ever. Yes, Joey is a girl. When I first got her I thought she was a boy, so I named her Joey. & After I found out, I just never changed it. I didn't name her after anyone special, in case anyone was wondering. I never had a dog growing up, so Joey was my own little pet. I even trained her myself. Everytime she hears her bag of "Joey snacks" (as I like to call them), she comes running from wherever she is because she knows what she's getting. & She is also, cagetrained? Idk. She has 2 brothers, Jensen & Calvin, that belonged to my sisters. They were gross, I'm not even gonna lie. But aren't all boys? ;] I had to take her with me when we moved from NM to Cali, but sadly, she couldn't come to Germany. So as you might have guessed, Robert is taking care of her for me. Just thought I'd share a random part of my crazy little life with you all. Next time you see Robert, ask him... "So how's Joey Fanoey?" :]